Posted by: happy4life | January 28, 2008


I miss Prestige ice cream.  I miss the cubical cardboard box it came in; the way the word was embedded in whatever flavor was revealed under the plastic square cover. I miss Thrifty Maid and all the other good stuff that was sold by Winn-Dixie. 

The closing of Winn-Dixie wasn’t just the phasing out of a store; it was the end of an era. Now we’ve got a bunch of high falutin’, aggrandized, Wal-Mart Super Centers equipped with everything you can put your hand on including the kitchen sink. 

Is that what progress is all about? To build ‘bigger and better barns’ as it were?  To push the other guy out of business?  Did Wal-Mart really need to include a food store to their already popular and ever flourishing industry? I was always under the impression that progress meant better business, perfecting what you already had, brainstorming until you made better your best. 

I don’t like it and I don’t think Sam Walton would have liked it either. So much unnecessary change can lead to burn out; burn out of a country, a people, a way of life.  At the end you find nothing but a toxic wasteland where values, happiness and freedom existed.   

You know, a person in their 30’s should not have to say I remember back in the day.  After all, big bird hasn’t aged a day. 


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