Posted by: happy4life | February 6, 2008

The ‘Age’

A very common spiritual malady is the sex in exchange for what you really want syndrome. How often have young people, on the plat form of life, been deceived by the Devil just when they are about to make their hopes and dreams come true?  

Have you noticed the amount of HIV positive persons in developing countries as compared to first-world countries? It is the hoax of Satan who says, “Guess what? You can’t get what you really want? Have sex! Hey, it’s free and you don’t even have to spend the money for protection!”  

This is the lie that Satan spreads among the underprivileged, the insecure, the unloved, and those caught in the underachievement trap in all countries. I will definitely pray about this because I believe this trap was set on the eve of the ‘Sexual Revolution!’  

Maybe this is the reason a lot of thirty some things have not gotten married yet; not because they can’t find the right person, but perhaps they are suffering from what I call the Rip Van winkle Effect.It is like a jumping off place where all you know is when you last left off you were in your teens or twenties; you were swamped with issues, or some other problem of gargantuan magnitude, then one day when you turned around, bang! You were in your thirties.I know a lady who was in foreign language class with me that said she got married when she was 19, her husband took sick, a family member moved in and when she took time to look around she was 56.This happened to me, but gradually, I’m getting some of the stuff I missed out on back into my life! I’m finding myself and taking a new lease on life where I refuse to take anything on too much where I can’t watch myself grow.  It wasn’t a bad sexual experience that lead me to this conclusion, but a matter of finding what I wanted in life for myself.


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