Posted by: happy4life | February 7, 2008

Beaten to death with a tire iron…  (video with snake attack)

I couldn’t let this pass!  I had to get it down when I heard about it.   Apparently Halloween is not yet over for some people.  

My mother made one of her visits the Salvation Army Thrift store and saw one of her friends.  He is a guy who’s down on his luck as a result of a family fight for property that became ugly.  Every one in that neighborhood likes him and looks after him. 

As my mother approached him, she noticed a huge bandage on his foot.  She asked him how he got it and…get a load of this! 

He was about to sleep outside the children’s home as usual when he noticed a large snake on the road.  He leaned forward to get a better look, but the snake darted away. 

Since he didn’t see where it went so he shrugged and went to sleep. He woke up to an agonizing pain in his right foot.  When he got up a huge, 10-foot-long-black-and-silver-striped-boa-type snake was clamped down on his foot like a vise!  The snake’s mouth took up half his foot.   

That guy screamed like shine and could not get the snake off!   Some guys near by who work in a car body shop came up to where he was when they heard the screaming and beat the snake to death with tire irons!  He was taken to the hospital and the foot was bandaged. 

Sounds bizarre?  Not if you understand what could be behind it and what it is probably linked to.  It would amaze you to know what people will use to get their dirty work done! If you want to know more about how and why stuff like this happens, just read the links below.


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