Posted by: happy4life | February 12, 2008

The Good Old American Way

I believe in, ‘Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses’, but lately things have become ridiculous…in Florida that is. 

Having lived in a foreign country myself for an number of years I understand those who come to America for a better way of life, but over the years it seems as though South Florida has let just anyone in to work for them. When someone is hired by a company, that company expects that someone to give their best.  In this respect, quite a few companies are falling down on the job. 

I remember back in 1996 Wal-Mart was having a super sale on bikes.  Over the phone I asked an employee if they had any available.  They checked, said only three remained and they would have them at the front. 

And they did!  By the time I arrived, the employee was already gone for the day. 

Ten years later an African-American woman and I asked a white employee and a Haitian employee for assistance in the electronics area.  Both said they knew nothing about that section.  We had to shift for ourselves. 

This happened in more than one store on many occasions.  I find nothing wrong with foreign help.  In fact, an Israeli girl was very pleasant and extremely business like (got me to spend $90 on products I never heard of) and I considered her an asset!  South Florida, please, please, please step-up your hiring process and your employee assessment!   

While your there, you should also look at your product availability.  Filling the vast space in all those Super Centers must be a task, but I would like to find everything in one store rather than driving to 3 for just a few items.   

You’re one of my favorite stores.  I’m telling you this because I care. 


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