Posted by: happy4life | March 5, 2008

Mr. Lizard’s World


My sister and I were in a rare mellow mood last Saturday. I looked at a bag hanging on our wall and noticed a tiny pale green/pale yellow lizard on top of it. 

I said, “Look at that lizard.” 

My sister said, “Oh, yeah, I see him.” 

She got up to give him a closer look. He turned his head, looked at her then gave a huge yawn!  Like two little girls who just got a new Barbie, we shouted in unison, “HE YAWNED!”

I guess little yellow man was feeling mellow too eh? 

It was so sweet it stunned me. No, seriously! I love animals a lot though. I have to admit it. From elephants to ants; I simply love them. I took a picture of him but it came out fuzzy. Not to fear though, I got another picture of another one chilling out by the window. 



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