Posted by: happy4life | March 10, 2008

Views On Remarriage

The Bible says that our body is the temple of Yahweh. If this is so, I think a lot of people need to search themselves and find out if they are really getting remarried for personal reasons, sexual reasons. If their marriages didn’t ’work out’ why are they actually getting married again? Do they find it impossible to live alone and do the Father’s bidding? Some claim they don’t want to be alone.

Alright, look at all the people in the world who need help. Are you really alone, or is it just the selfish cop-out of the ’I’ society. “I” need someone, my partner doesn’t understand “me”, no one understands “me”. 

In history, there have been marriages (and this is very rare) where sex was never involved. I wondered often if these types of marriages were involved in divorce, from one partner to the next with no one having intercourse with their respective partner, if the marriage issue and divorce issue would be as stringent? No one is going to do this by the way!  

For those of you who don’t know what the biological aspects of sexual intercourse are, read a biology book. If you don’t know what the psychological aspects are, read up on health books or ask a doctor or happily (or maybe unhappily) married couple, if they are willing to share. 

I may not be married, but in my opinion, I would never want to remarry if I knew my husband was still on the face of this earth! A piece of me would still be out there. If he died, that piece of me would be dead also. Biologically, I think it is unclean, psychologically, even if you don’t have feeling for that person anymore you shared your body (the Father’s temple) with them, so it runs deeper than you think. 

Over all, I am convinced a lot of people didn’t realize what marriage entailed when they got into it. Society (Christian or non Christian) bases so much on marriage and sex, that they leave out the Godly aspect entirely. In fact, some people lives revolve around sex and the sexual. Remember the Bible says, thou shalt have no other God before me. 

If you divorce, there is rightfully no more sex for you unless you make up with your spouse, so make up your mind and fill your life with something rewarding and fulfilling! 

I have so much interesting things to do for the Father, that I don’t feel the absolute need to rush into marriage right now at all. My life involves so much more than thinking about sex, my life involves Yahweh and his will! That covers just about every interesting aspect in this world! 

I remember one woman who is now in her 60’s said people got married at a young age in her day because their was nothing else to do! Sad, but true! 

My advice it to search your heart and life carefully before you get married. Make sure that you get married because you love and like the person. For those of you who are married and have problems, before you so quickly blame your spouse, make sure it is not a case where you simply lack fulfillment in a certain area. Search yourself and make sure you are not at fault. When all else fails, ask The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit for help. 

{This is mainly for the Christian Society, but the non-Christian Society can feel free to comment. }





  1. Mar 10:11And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.

    Mar 10:12And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.

    The reason this is interesting is the fact that Yeshuah uses the term, “Committeth adultery”.

    It brings me back to this point; would Yahweh have been so stringent about divorce if people never had sex with their second spouses {while the first spouse is alive I mean}?

    Suppose some one was remarried as many times as five, but never had sex with the spouses? Suppose it was a marriage of convenience, or comfort, but with no sex?

    I know some people have sex before marriage, but will any one be willing to try marriage without sex?

    I guess Yeshuah was correctly assuming [and rightly so] that anyone who remarries certainly isn’t going to just sit around and stare at their spouse.

  2. I want those of you who have had messed up marriages to know that I am not going to quit until you find a peaceful way out of your dilemma.

    I read a book about a Christian woman who was married to a man who simply was not supportive! His spirit was just wrong all around!They got divorced and Yahweh revealed to her that she should marry a man she met a few years after.

    I want you to know that I am convinced that Yahweh gave her the advice to remarry.

    I am in no way the judge of whether people should remarry after divorce or not, I am simply giving out what the scriptures say! What you do is personally between you, and Yahweh.

    This is where I come in!

    To put it bluntly, people just don’t have enough people out there who love and support them! I am gearing up to write something about Faith, Belief and Society, because goodness knows we all need some encouragement.I really love you all and care about you and want you to know a bad marriage is not the end of the world!

    Sure you gave your spouse the best years of your life! A man is supposed to be a tower of strength to his wife, and a woman should be a source of comfort to her husband. But even we as Christians fall prey to the dictates of ‘Society’. This time, give you life and best to Yahweh! That is what lasts forever!

    I am trying to organize a way to find a positive outlet for people undergoing and considering divorce. THERE IS A WAY OUT! That is why I was so particular about what I wrote in this article in the first place! I want you to be free even though you may be tied down and feeling confined!

    If you are already divorced, please take the time to get closer to God and do some pleasant things for yourself! Give yourself time to heal! Don’t rush into remarriage unless Almighty Yahweh suggests it! I wouldn’t want to even ask. And that is my opinion!

    Explore the facets of your life and world that you didn’t have time to before. Seek spiritual fulfillment! Just give it a try, it won’t hurt! And if you are hurting, talk to a friend or someone you love and trust. I repeat! There is freedom!

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