Posted by: happy4life | March 25, 2008

Reading these books could save your life!


Low Blood Sugar: Who ever thought low blood sugar could make one unfortunate woman wind up in a mental institution? This doctor’s easy to analysis and in depth studies explain the how and why. 

Easy to comprehend and very compelling. A must read for alcoholics and those on the verge of alcoholism.Note to teens: if I found out about these books a few years back, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble health wise!  

Sugar Blues: If anyone was as bad a sugar junkie as the man in this book then I suggest you purchase and read ’Sugar Blues’ before you kill yourself literally! 

After finding out that sugar was bleached white by using charcoal and animal bones, I knew it was time to spread the news; fast! Highly recommended read for diabetics and people who suffer low blood sugar.Teens, you don’t want to miss this one!

People of the Lie: find out why so many middle class and ‘apparently’ normal people’s lives become enmeshed in tragedy. Dr. Peck gives you a blow by blow account of the many subtle evils plaguing society and why so many people are their own worst enemy. If you are not afraid of finding out the truth about this issue (and yourself) then I highly recommend this book.

It is in plain language and is very direct and to the point. For teens that are normal but still feel like their lives are a mess, be sure to check this out!

Each of these exposes relate gripping accounts of present dangers affecting your physical, sexual, spiritual,social and mental health and show how to recognize and get rid of them.  


Low Blood Sugar: A doctor’s Guide to Its Effective control by J. Frank Hurdle M.D.Click to enlarge


People of the Lie: by M. Scott Peck

Click to enlarge


Sugar Blues: by William Dufty

Sugar Blues

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  1. Another Important health tip: excessive, continuous heat in the body speeds up the aging process. Sugar (white, refined) causes this unexplainable heat that you can’t seem to get rid of.
    I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the ingredient labels before you purchase.

  2. […] Reading these books could save your life:…ave-your-life/ […]

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