Posted by: happy4life | May 1, 2008

Beaten to Death: Part 2

I found it folks!  A black and silver snake: A male adder!


Here is a continuation of Beaten to Death with a Tire Iron that was too intense for me not to pen.


My mother was in the area where to guy lived who was attacked by the snake. As she approached him, she noticed a gash in his head. She asked him how he got it. He said a little boy came up to him and hit him with


This incision in his head made by the object was so bad that it caused his face to pull up when they stitched it up and it healed. Not only that, but he also saw the snake again that attacked him! His foot hasn’t healed from last year’s bite either by the way.


The verdict? This poor homeless man is the victim of a severe witchcraft attack. Some one obviously wants him out of the way for a reason. Why?  How could it be the same snake?  Supernatural evilness afoot!  Please Pray for his protection. 

 God has ways and means! He will take care of it.  It doesn’t make sense and it’s not right!




Picture of snake, curtesy of…








  1. The first snake this guy saw was the silver and black one. The second one was black. My mother just gave me the break down over the weekend.

    With all these snakes around I smell a rat! I am convinced that some one is out to take this poor, underprivileged man out!

    We are praying!

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