Posted by: happy4life | August 21, 2008

My, How Things Change!


Does anyone remember Caroline Miller? She was the editor-in-chief in 1995 for the top teen magazine in the U.S. I’m bringing her up because…well…I miss her writing! 


I believe in progress and development, but I must admit that things have changed in the journalism department for a lot of teen and young woman‘s magazines; and not always for the best!



I have been purchasing magazines of this type from the late 80’s to present date. For the sake of nostalgia I decided to look at a 1995 teen magazine (not the name, just the genre) then I compared it with an up to date version. The difference made me comprehend why the grade point average of so many teens in so many schools have gone down so badly.



The old magazine had 7 really great articles! They were funny, informative, inspirational and thought provoking. The health pages gave you something to chew on and the fashion pages contained paragraphs with language so descriptive and pictures so colorful it made you feel like catching the next flight to Hawaii just to buy a lei!



These article, features and other departments were written by intelligent and fascinating teens and adults who knew how to write! You got a tingling sensation when you picked it up and you KNEW you were getting your money’s worth. The magazines back then had stuff you could READ!



By comparison, I picked up the same magazine (12 years ahead) which had 4 and one quarter stories (only two of which were really saying something) with tons and tons and tons of clothes, jewelry, make-up, hair care, etc…it gave me the impression that it is what you wear that counts these days and not who you are, which is what the older magazines instilled. Their clothes article corresponded with what they said.


Not to mention the fact that along with article geared toward teaching abstinence and safe sex, the old magazines at least gave the impression that sex among teen was not a foregone conclusion. These days, they are writing articles which lean more toward and make it appear that the majority of teens are having sex!


To add insult to injury, it had the same ‘filler’ (not word for word, but with the same idea) on sex health that it had several months ago! Maybe that’s the point.



Don’t get me wrong! The lay out of the new magazine was fantastic, but it left me rather empty. It gave me the feeling of that’s it…that’s all there is to this?’



I am letting you know that I submitted queries to some of these (along with some Christian magazine, no encouragement there, some responses were down right rude) magazines and, in a way, I am glad they didn’t accept. The most recent purchase worthy issue of the magazine I mentioned was the one I bought this month and the first I bought in a long, long, long time!



I know you can’t bring back the old days, but when since had creativity, wit and intelligence become archaic? Are they saying that today’s teen and young adults don’t need encouragement from good reading the way they did ten years ago?



Note to all you young aspiring journalist: if you want to write good articles read classics as well as modern literature. It enhances writing and communication skills and aids in self expression if you ever have to write about your own experiences.…/…/




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