Posted by: happy4life | February 3, 2010

Good Women vs Evil Woman 2: Behind the Scenes!


Just when you thought it was over…it’s just getting started!  A follow up of this is found in Shua 2325 B.C. – 1625 B.C.  What makes ‘The Promise’ and Shua so hot?  The events are real!  If you don’t believe me check out Genesis chapters 6 verses 1-4.

To purchase this ebooks go to amazon kindle. I’ll make it easy here are the links:

Amazon kindle for pc free download link:





  1. There is also an amazing piece about the FORCE behind earthquakes written at the back in the notes of ‘The Discovery’ so awesome!
    Real, action packed fight scene between angels and demons in SHUA…guess who wins! 🙂

  2. In the story ‘The Promise’ (excerpt on book back) this is the story about the ‘bad woman’ everyone else is good!

  3. Book previews for these books:





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