Posted by: happy4life | November 17, 2014

Food is Cool! Bravo!


I am so proud of Kool Aid and Smuckers for changing some of their products, that I just had to put this out!

I went to the food store see, to get a few items. I met a co-worker there and she was picking up a few packs. I hadn’t touched the stuff since I was a kid so I decided to look since she was looking. I could not belive it! kool Aid is making clear punch! That means its like Capri Sun, but with all that exotic taste! I picked up a package of strawberry kiwi and a package of rasberry (my favortie!). My sister already tried the strawberry kiwi.

Wait, the fun isn’t over yet! I went to a mom n’ pops and found out about Smuckers making preserves and jelly with fruit syrup and/or corn syrup {I love that and/or bit !} and picked up a jar before it could get away. Thanks to Bravo soft drinks for making syrup sweetened soda. And also, the Blue Sky company. Am I happy or what? Thanks for making my day guys!


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