Posted by: happy4life | November 17, 2014

Standing Ovation

This quadruple thumbs up 4 X goes out to McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the company that made the chocolate snack cake with the cream in the middle and left the symbol off it.

I pray God blesses you abundantly for the healthy food changes you have made. The changes haven’t hit the Bahamas yet, but honey you can believe that I would take a trip over just to get a bucket and some fries. I’d tell all my friends about it!

As for the cookie company, I’m exceptionally proud of the fact that your ingredients exclude soy oil an use canola oil. I’m assuming that you use the corn syrup for the cookie in itself and the sugar for the middle? (I stopped eating white sugar)

Reading these books could save your life:…ave-your-life/

I can scrape out the middle and eat the delicious chocolate cake snack. I love chocolate!

In a world where you have to adhere to God’s laws (christian world that is!) it’s a relief to find people who care. I care about my health, but I also love food!

While I’m on the subject a very popular company who makes cakes and pastries under a feminine name has added soy oil and TBHQ to their pound cake. On the other hand, I see that they have made changes to the pies and coffee cake. It was sad when they added TBHQ because this pound cake was my special treat to buy along with whipped creama on Fridays. I can’t understand why they switched! The cake never had these preservatives and the oil before. It had pure butter. It was delicious without it. Until 2007, you got along quite well without it.

Well, heres hoping ALL of you continue the good work. Unbleached flour, corn syrup (not high fructose) and butter and/or canola and palm kernal and the other light oils, all make for healthy ingredients. It is enough to make the world happy and proud!

Note: For people who cannot eat gluten, check Newman’s Own. Thank you Newman’s for the best natural chocolate ever! Excessive, continuous heat in the body speeds up the aging process. Sugar (white refined) causes this unexplainable heat that you can’t seem to get rid of.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to carefully read the ingredient labels on all of your purchases.
BHA and BHT are also found in toiletries.

Can you believe this is salt?: life:…oisonous-salt/
Preservatives and additives are popping up in places you least expected. Also, watch out for those ‘all natural’ wheat breads. My mother read a health book that said the ‘wheat’ is tree bark/saw dust.


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