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Live and Unnecessary Action

On Friday I went to you tube and looked up the clip about ‘Freedom Writers’ where Mr. Barrett described it as being very emotional for him to work on.


It was phenominal.  I say phenominal because after Friday’s incident;

I decided to visit the sites and forums that I usually visit.  After watching the clip, it seems as though my life, at thsi stage, is symmetrical to the character Hilary Swank portrays in the movie.

Very rarely do I watch modern movies if at all.  This is a decided spiritual trend.  I tried to verr off from it a few times, but issues keep popping up to keep me on track.  I guess I’ll ride it out and see what happens.

There is so much violence and crime out there now that it makes me realize hold on to my faith in God very tightly!  I’m believing it all comes to head and breaks down soon.


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I Like Cute Things!
















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(Probable) Cure For A.I.D.S.

I am pro l life. So is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 3:9
the Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentence.

What I am about to write could change your way of thinking for the rest of your life.  If I accomplish that, then writing this was worth it.

Note the title; it says probable cure.  Prbability does not lie in statistical facts, scientific evidence, or what you see with your eyes alone: it rests in how far you are willing to go, where you are willing for God to take you.

If you are a die-cast doubter, or to terrified to take the plunge, then it is useless that you read this.

Rev 21:8


But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

I am  sure after reading the above that you don’t want any part of that.

So let’s get to it.  Healing is a state of body that includes the spirit, (faith), the flesh (proper diet), the mind (belief, prayer) and basically acting normal.

No one has ever claimed to have the medical cure for A.I.D.S. that I know of, so you may be thinking, ‘Who is this person,’ well, I’ll tell you by whose authority I am undertaking to do this.  It is the fact that first, I am going by the promises of Yeshuah,

Jhn 14:12

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do: because I go to my Father.

I said before, if you are not willing to undertake this then don’t bother.  Now death is the result of sin, but not all people were meant to die.  Some people will live to see the rapture.  Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

The first step in believing for any kind of healing is to give your life to the Lord (if you are not already a Christian.)  What I am about to say may sound harsh, but if ewe aare going to make any progress I must be truthful.  If it is your time to go, then it is your time to go.  If you are not too afraid to ask God, then ask Him if you are to be healed, or not.  Some times He gives an answer , sometimes He doesn’t give the  answer you want to hear.  You have to take a chance.  What do ou have to lose if you already have the virus anyway?

Sage is an all heal.  Eat a proper diet and drink boiled sage, two glasses a day and eat lots of beef, conch (if you are in the Bahamas) fish and homemade eggnog.  Include the usual intake of recommended fruits, vegetables and milk.  STOP ALL INTAKE OF WHITE SUGAR AND BLEACHED FLOUR, AND VEGETABLE OIL.  THESE ARE SLOW KILLERS!

Buy natural sugar, unbleached flour adn canola, or corn oil.  That take care of the diet and health part.

For the mind, do as many things as you can to make your life full and pleasant.  Do fun activities, help people.  In other words, as much as lay in you, act as normal as possible.

Evidence of proof: about a decade or more ago, a training school teacher of mine shared with the class how a oung man had the A.I.D.S. virus and  was in the hospaital at the diarrhea stage: the last stage!  About a day or two after that, his symptoms changed and went into the reverse.   It continued until he was completely normal, whole, healed!One girl in the class blurted out, ‘I don’t believe that, once you have A.I.D.S that’s it.’  Am I regarding what she said?  As far as I am concerned, she never said that.  Death is called to many people with her attitude because of….well…attitude!  They know how they live deep down inside!


This is not the first time I have taken on odds of gargantuan proportions (nothing is too big to God by the way, He already knows about it) and by God’s help it won’t be the last.  This is what boosts my profession.

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Beaten to Death: Part 2

I found it folks!  A black and silver snake: A male adder!


Here is a continuation of Beaten to Death with a Tire Iron that was too intense for me not to pen.


My mother was in the area where to guy lived who was attacked by the snake. As she approached him, she noticed a gash in his head. She asked him how he got it. He said a little boy came up to him and hit him with


This incision in his head made by the object was so bad that it caused his face to pull up when they stitched it up and it healed. Not only that, but he also saw the snake again that attacked him! His foot hasn’t healed from last year’s bite either by the way.


The verdict? This poor homeless man is the victim of a severe witchcraft attack. Some one obviously wants him out of the way for a reason. Why?  How could it be the same snake?  Supernatural evilness afoot!  Please Pray for his protection. 

 God has ways and means! He will take care of it.  It doesn’t make sense and it’s not right!




Picture of snake, curtesy of…






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Can you believe this is salt!


Take a good look at this. Can you guess what it is? It’s salt. Salt that contains Sodium Silicoaluminate.

Someone bought me a box of this salt and I decided not to use it because that was a little too much big time chemical name for my comfort.I tossed it outside, it got wet, burned and goodness knows what else and it did not lose its form! This was so bizarre that I figured I’d look it up on the net to find out what type of salt there is in the world that DOESN’T melt! Press the links to see what I found out! also had some Suave deodorant that contained this ingredient. It was listed on the back of the label pasted against the container. The Aluminum chlorohydrate coupled with the BHA made a toxic combination.

No wonder I was feeling so nervous and anxious! Good thing I threw it away.  Suave does make some great products however.  They had the best toothpaste on the market.  Too bad they stopped manufacturing it.

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Reading these books could save your life!


Low Blood Sugar: Who ever thought low blood sugar could make one unfortunate woman wind up in a mental institution? This doctor’s easy to analysis and in depth studies explain the how and why. 

Easy to comprehend and very compelling. A must read for alcoholics and those on the verge of alcoholism.Note to teens: if I found out about these books a few years back, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble health wise!  

Sugar Blues: If anyone was as bad a sugar junkie as the man in this book then I suggest you purchase and read ’Sugar Blues’ before you kill yourself literally! 

After finding out that sugar was bleached white by using charcoal and animal bones, I knew it was time to spread the news; fast! Highly recommended read for diabetics and people who suffer low blood sugar.Teens, you don’t want to miss this one!

People of the Lie: find out why so many middle class and ‘apparently’ normal people’s lives become enmeshed in tragedy. Dr. Peck gives you a blow by blow account of the many subtle evils plaguing society and why so many people are their own worst enemy. If you are not afraid of finding out the truth about this issue (and yourself) then I highly recommend this book.

It is in plain language and is very direct and to the point. For teens that are normal but still feel like their lives are a mess, be sure to check this out!

Each of these exposes relate gripping accounts of present dangers affecting your physical, sexual, spiritual,social and mental health and show how to recognize and get rid of them.  


Low Blood Sugar: A doctor’s Guide to Its Effective control by J. Frank Hurdle M.D.Click to enlarge


People of the Lie: by M. Scott Peck

Click to enlarge


Sugar Blues: by William Dufty

Sugar Blues

Picture courtesy of…/86/50/23495086.jpg








Humming bird!  He’s so cute!

 at-montague-beach-march-2007-025.jpg (vídeo com ataque da serpente)

Eu não poderia deixar esta passagem! Eu tive que consegui-la tragar quando eu me ouvi sobre ela. Aparentemente Halloween não se acaba ainda para alguns povos.

Minha mãe feita uma dela visitas a loja de Thrift do exército do salvação e viu um de seus amigos. É um indivíduo que esteja para baixo em sua sorte em conseqüência de uma luta da família para a propriedade que se tornou feia. Cada nessa vizinhança gosta dele e ocupa dele.

Como minha mãe o aproximou, observou uma atadura enorme em seu pé. Perguntou-lhe como o começ e… começ uma carga disto!

Estivesse a ponto de dormir fora das crianças por mais home que usual quando observou uma grande serpente na estrada. Inclinou-se para a frente para começ um olhar melhor, mas a serpente arremessou afastado.

Desde que não viu aonde foi assim que shrugged e foi dormir. Acordou a uma dor de agonia em seu pé direito. Quando se levantou um enorme, 10 o pé-longo-preto-e-prata-listrado-boa-tipo serpente foi apertado para baixo em seu pé como um torno! A boca da serpente pegou a metade do seu pé.

Que o indivíduo gritado como o brilho e não poderia começ a serpente fora! Alguns indivíduos próximo por quem o trabalho em uma loja de corpo do carro veio até onde era quando ouviram gritar e bateram a serpente à morte com ferros de pneu! Foi tomado ao hospital e o pé foi enfaixado.

Soa estranho? Não se você compreende o que poderiam ser atrás dele e o que é lig provavelmente. Espantá-lo-ia saber o que os povos se usarão para começ a seu trabalho sujo feito! Se você quer saber mais sobre como e porque o material como este acontece, apenas ler as ligações abaixo. (فيديو مع ثعبان هجوم)
 أنا استطاع لم يترك هذا ممر!  أنا اضطرّ حصلت هو أنزلت عندما سمع أنا حول هو.   ظاهريّا [هلّووين] [إيس] لا بعد على ل بعض الناس. 
أمي يجعل واحدة من ه زيارات ال [سلفأيشن رمي] نموّ قويّ مخزن ومنشار واحدة من صديقاته.  هو شدادة الذي يكون إلى أسفل على حظه نتيجة أسرة معركة لخاصية أنّ أصبح قبيحة.  يحبّه كلّ واحدة في أنّ جوار ورعىه.
بما أنّ أمي قاربه, لاحظ هو ضمادة ضخمة على قدمه.  هو سأله كيف هو حصل هو و… حصلت تحميل من هذا!
هو كان حوالي أن ينام خارج الأطفال إلى البيت بما أنّ معتادة عندما لاحظ هو ثعبان كبيرة على الطريق.  هو مال إلى الأمام أن يحصل نظرة جيّدة, غير أنّ الثعبان يندفع بعيدا.

 إلى يحتضر ألم في [ريغت فووت] ه.  عندما أفاق هو ضخمة, 10 [فووت-لونغ-بلك-ند-سلفر-ستريبد-بوأ-تب] ثعبان كان قمطت إلى أسفل على قدمه مثل ملزمة!  الثعبان قصّر فم نصف قدمه.  
أنّ صرخ شدادة مثل لمع واستطاع لم يحصل الثعبان باتّجاه آخر!   ضرب بعض شدادات قريبا ب الذي عمل في سيارة جسم متجر تحت إلى حيث هو كان عندما هم سمعوا ال يصرخ والثعبان إلى موت مع إطار العجلة حدائد!  هو كان أخذت إلى المستشفى وضمنت القدم كان.
يصوّت غريبة?  لا إن أنت تفهم ماذا استطاع كنت خلف هو وماذا هو يكون على الأرجح اقترنت إلى.  هو أذهل أنت أن يعرف ماذا الناس سيستعملون أن يحصل عملهم وسخة يتمّ!

قرأت إن أنت تريد أن يعرف أكثر حول كيف ولما مادّة خام مثل هذا يحدث, فقط الخطوات أدناه.

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Nature Memoirs 2

Here are a few more pictures from my collection.

The big bird is a Mourning Dove and the little bird is a hummingbird.




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Views On Remarriage

The Bible says that our body is the temple of Yahweh. If this is so, I think a lot of people need to search themselves and find out if they are really getting remarried for personal reasons, sexual reasons. If their marriages didn’t ’work out’ why are they actually getting married again? Do they find it impossible to live alone and do the Father’s bidding? Some claim they don’t want to be alone.

Alright, look at all the people in the world who need help. Are you really alone, or is it just the selfish cop-out of the ’I’ society. “I” need someone, my partner doesn’t understand “me”, no one understands “me”. 

In history, there have been marriages (and this is very rare) where sex was never involved. I wondered often if these types of marriages were involved in divorce, from one partner to the next with no one having intercourse with their respective partner, if the marriage issue and divorce issue would be as stringent? No one is going to do this by the way!  

For those of you who don’t know what the biological aspects of sexual intercourse are, read a biology book. If you don’t know what the psychological aspects are, read up on health books or ask a doctor or happily (or maybe unhappily) married couple, if they are willing to share. 

I may not be married, but in my opinion, I would never want to remarry if I knew my husband was still on the face of this earth! A piece of me would still be out there. If he died, that piece of me would be dead also. Biologically, I think it is unclean, psychologically, even if you don’t have feeling for that person anymore you shared your body (the Father’s temple) with them, so it runs deeper than you think. 

Over all, I am convinced a lot of people didn’t realize what marriage entailed when they got into it. Society (Christian or non Christian) bases so much on marriage and sex, that they leave out the Godly aspect entirely. In fact, some people lives revolve around sex and the sexual. Remember the Bible says, thou shalt have no other God before me. 

If you divorce, there is rightfully no more sex for you unless you make up with your spouse, so make up your mind and fill your life with something rewarding and fulfilling! 

I have so much interesting things to do for the Father, that I don’t feel the absolute need to rush into marriage right now at all. My life involves so much more than thinking about sex, my life involves Yahweh and his will! That covers just about every interesting aspect in this world! 

I remember one woman who is now in her 60’s said people got married at a young age in her day because their was nothing else to do! Sad, but true! 

My advice it to search your heart and life carefully before you get married. Make sure that you get married because you love and like the person. For those of you who are married and have problems, before you so quickly blame your spouse, make sure it is not a case where you simply lack fulfillment in a certain area. Search yourself and make sure you are not at fault. When all else fails, ask The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit for help. 

{This is mainly for the Christian Society, but the non-Christian Society can feel free to comment. }



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